Bloodhound Band Beginning Band students enrolled in this class will learn how to read music and play an instrument. Students learn basic technique while applying basic music theory and all major scales to performance.  Intermediate Band students enrolled in this class learn the intermediate curriculum which consists of various concepts such as all major and minor scales, intermediate rhythms and technique, and quality tone production.   Advanced Band Students enrolled in this class learn the advanced band curriculum which consists of concepts such as advanced rhythms and technique. Advanced band students master all major, minor, harmonic minor, and melodic minor scales. Students learn the basics of improvisation and band leadership.   Jazz Band Students enrolled in this class learn the jazz band curriculum that includes concepts such as reading notations, rhythms, jazz and swing concepts, and the performance of all major, minor, harmonic minor, blues, and pentatonic scales. Students learn intermediate improvisation and soloing techniques.  The Show and Rock Band is primarily composed of Advanced Band Students and offers lessons such as effectively leading a practice session, improvising, and performing different genres of music while applying scales and theories to performance.

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