English Department Outcomes

As a result of the required course of study in English, students will:

  1. Use biographical, sociological, religious, economic, and political contexts to accurately interpret meaning in various genres of nonfiction and fiction.
  2. Analyze the literary techniques used by authors to convey meaning.
  3. Use literature as a tool for analyzing and interpreting the human experience.
  4. Fluently communicate ideas in standard English at the levels of sentence, paragraph, and multi-paragraph essay.
  5. Write competently in various formats: expository, narrative, persuasive, cause and effect, comparison, and contrast.
  6. Utilize adequate vocabulary and stylistic techniques to enhance writing.
  7. Gather sources appropriate for research in a specific discipline.
  8. Correctly paraphrase, quote, and document sources in written reports of research.
  9. Write research reports in a logical, clear, and technically correct manner.
  10. Use standard English in spoken responses and formal presentations.
  11. Speak effectively to one-on-one, small-group, and large-group audiences using appropriate audio-visual aids.
  12. Organize and formulate oral presentations appropriate to the intended audience, purpose of presentation, time, and content restraints.


Suzanne Mohr, Chair   msmohr@sja.us
Language Arts 7    Honors Language Arts 7    Read/Write 7    English 9   Honors English 9

Patricia Gonzalez   ptgonzalez@sja.us
Language Arts 8    Honors Language Arts 8    English 9    Speech (S1)    Speech (S2)    Speech 8 (D1 & 2)

Karen Murphy   kmurphy@sja.us
English 12    Advanced Creative Writing     AP English Literature 

Ruth Poole   rpoole@sja.us   
English 11    AP English - D    AP English Language    

Melchior Perella-Savarese   msavarese@sja.us
English 10    Honors English 10

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