Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find my locker, and when do I have time to go to my locker?

Most students go to their lockers before school for morning books and during lunch for afternoon books. Since there are only 4 minutes between periods, students should not go to their lockers between classes. In the Middle Division locker numbers that begin with #1 are located on the first floor and #2 are on the second floor.

2. Where should I park on the first day of school, and how do I get a parking permit?

Students with a valid parking permit park in the underclassmen lot across from the tennis courts. Parking permits can be purchased though the Assistant Principal of Student Affairs during the first full week of school at a cost of $50.

3. What is the school uniform, and what are the rules regarding them?

The school uniform is purchased through Parker School Uniforms. For boys, the uniform consists of a choice of navy blue or khaki uniform pants with a black or brown belt and a choice of an Oxford blue, white or blue/white stripe shirt. Crew socks must be worn. Girls have a choice of uniform slacks in navy blue, gray, or plaid and a choice of Oxford blouse in white, blue or yellow or a “middy” blouse in white. Hose or crew socks must be worn. A complete copy of dress code and grooming regulations can be found in the Student Handbook.

4. Where is the lunchroom, and can I buy lunch here at the school? What do most students do: buy or bring their lunch? Typically, how much does lunch cost?

Lunch is served in the Middle Division Gym.  Click here to view the lunch menu options. You may either bring or buy your lunch; if you buy lunch, it will cost about $4.50 per day.

5. What time should I arrive for my classes? If I am driven to school, where should I be dropped-off or picked up?

The first bell rings at 8:10 AM therefore students are asked to be at school at least 10-15 minutes before that to make sure you are prepared  for your 8:15 Homeroom class. If a student is driven to school or is to be picked up, we ask that parents drop off/pick up their children either at the front entrance of the school or at Calle Retama for the upper division students and at the entrance of the Middle Division Building for the 7th and 8th grade students.

6. What are the school extracurricular activities?

Participation in student activities is an integral part of school life, and students are encouraged to be involved in ways that are consistent with their talents and interests. Among the student activities offered at Saint Joseph are: Student Council, Marist Youth, Yearbook, Masterminds, PSIA, Drama Club, National Honor Society, Choir, Chess Team, Dance, Campus Ministry, and more. A more complete listing can be found on pages 48-50 of the Student Handbook.

7. What sports are available, and how do I sign up to play sports?

Saint Joseph Academy participates in the Texas Association of Private & Parochial Schools. Students are encouraged to participate in one or a number of interscholastic teams such as Cross Country, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Cheerleading, Dance Team, Football, Baseball, Swimming/Diving, and Track. Information about signing up for sports will be mentioned in the student announcements, or you may ask your P.E. teacher or the Athletic Director.

8. What do I do if I get sick at school or if I have a doctor’s appointment?

If a student becomes ill while at school, he/she should inform his/her teacher and go to the Main Office. No ill student will be released from school unless signed-out by a parent or guardian. See pages 21-24 of the Student Handbook for more information. If a student has a doctor’s appointment, he/she should bring a note from home to the Main Office before the school day begins to receive an “excused from class pass.” The pass will indicate the time of dismissal. The student is also instructed to come to the Main Office at that assigned time to be appropriately signed out by a parent or guardian.

9. What do I do if I am absent from school?

When a student is absent from school, the parent or guardian must phone the school at 542-3581, extension 360 before 10:00 AM on the first day of absence. When returning to school following an absence, the student must report to the office with a note written by the parent or guardian stating the dates and number of days absent and the reasons for the absence. The note must be presented before 8:00 AM on the day which the student returns to school.

10. What do I do if I need to make a phone call during the school day?

A student should get permission from the Main Office before making any phone call. Use of cell phones during class is prohibited. Cell phones should be turned off and placed in book bags or locker. (Refer to page 29 in Student Handbook.)

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