French Honor Society

French Honor Society officers:

  • Renata Martinez- President
  • Maria Lozada- Vice president
  • Daniella Salinas - Secretary
  • Cendy SaldaƱa - Treasurer

FHS students must maintain an A+ average in French class and an A overall GPA of 93 in order to be part of the Society. They also need to log in 8 hours of conversation time per school year.

The French Club is open to any French student 9-12.

The FHS, French Club and all the French students will be active participants in Miles 4 Smiles by registering for the walkathon and also by sponsoring a child for surgery. We hope to help 2 kids smile this way.

French Club Officers:

  • Juan Antonio Solis- President
  • Daniel Burguete - Vice president
  • Carla Mata- Secretary

The Texas French Symposium is a non-profit organization that offers many opportunities for French students from level 1 through level 5/6 and experienced to compete in a broad array of categories, against their peers from accross the state.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) recognizes Symposium as the official state competition for high school students and considers it UIL* equivalent. This single competition determines district, regional, and state winners.

The two-day Symposium is held on a weekend during the spring semester. It begins on a Friday after school (3 p.m.) and lasts all evening. Competition begins again on Saturday morning (8:30 a.m.), continues throughout the day, and is followed by a dinner and awards ceremony.

Symposium is financed solely by student registration fees and contributions from local and francophone businesses. The organization of the contest and the judging of individual events are done by volunteers arranged by the host school.

French Honor Society · Saint Joseph AcademyFrench Honor Society · Saint Joseph Academy