Honors and AP Programs

Saint Joseph Academy is proud of its rigorous curriculum in the arts and sciences and offers opportunities for students who seek advanced study through our Advanced Placement and Honors courses. Placement in an Honors or AP course is based on the student’s academic history, teacher recommendations, and departmental approval. Students not currently enrolled in an Honors level course but who would like to be considered for such placement may apply through their current subject area teachers. Applications for Honors and Advanced Placement classes require parent approval. Once the application has been submitted, the request will be reviewed by the school administration, and a decision about placement will be made. Because of the increased difficulty of Honors and Advanced Placement courses, semester grades are weighted as follows: Advanced Placement: 1.10; Honors: 1.05.

Specially designated courses developed according to the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program prepare qualified students to take the nationally administered Advanced Placement Tests for college credit. Our Advanced Placement courses currently include:

Every student in the AP classes is required to take the AP exam that is given in May. There is a fee per exam. However, because the school subsidizes these exams, each student is charged according to a scale based on the number of AP classes in which the student is enrolled and billed with the tuition.  

Placement in Advanced Placement classes is normally made at the recommendation of the Department Chairperson for the particular discipline. A student who does not receive departmental recommendation may appeal to the Assistant Principal by submitting the AP application form signed by both student and parent(s).

Since the AP curriculum is particularly challenging, it is recommended that students consider carefully the load being carried. Most qualifying students can handle two AP classes in addition to other honors courses and involvement in extra-curricular activities. It takes an exceptional student to handle three or four of these courses, especially in light of other extra-curricular involvement.

Honors and AP Programs · Saint Joseph AcademyHonors and AP Programs · Saint Joseph Academy