Hound Collar · Parents Gain Invaluable Insight at Back To School Night

Parents gather to listen to Student Council President Tatiana Wolfe

Parents Gain Invaluable Insight at Back To School Night

August 23, 2017, 12:53 pm
Advancement Office

The unmistakable sound of excitement blending in with the chatter last night could clearly be heard from the corridor outside of the student center. Upon entering, parents approached a table and picked up class schedules just like they did years ago when they were students. This time, however, the schedules belonged to their kids. After listening to President Michael Motyl, Principal Melissa Valadez and Student Council President Tatiana Wolfe parents were dismissed so they could see first-hand what their children would be encountering for the 2017-2018 school year.

“In putting this event  together we wanted to make sure that parents not only could see what their child does on a day to day basis but it was important to also show them what our staff works so diligently for and that’s what we shape their children into. For us, it’s about cultivating their full potential and using it to serve God and others.” said Director of Admissions, Celeste Solis.

Seasoned parents as well as new parents could be seen hurrying past the courtyard as they tried to keep up with the changing of classes as the bell rang through the school intercom. In between periods, parents glanced at schedules trying to figure out where their child’s classroom was. As the last bell rang, a sense of relief and satisfaction could be seen across their faces.

“Back to School night was like a ‘a day in the life’ as I visited each class, met all the teachers, got informed about what the school year would be like for my SJA students…and there was no chance that I’d end up in detention so it was kind of perfect!” said parent Felicia Fruia Edge.