Hound Collar · Lunch in the Courtyard a Privilege for Some Lucky Students

Lunch in the Courtyard a Privilege for Some Lucky Students

September 22, 2017, 11:14 am
Advancement Office

Students were given a sneak peak today into what it's like to eat lunch in the courtyard like some students have in the past.

It never fails. On campus we see it all. We have the tortoises and we have the hares. The tortoises may have valid reasons for making it late to class but they never really consider how it affects their school day and how it will affect them in the future. Being tardy interrupts the instructors class time and sets an overall negative mood. Perhaps the hares get up extra early to make sure they are never late because they hate walking into class once instruction has started or maybe mom has to be at work early and that’s the only time they can be dropped off. Being on time shows respect and shows that you care.

School administrators wanted to reward those students that made it a habit to never be late but didn’t want to make an announcement that would force students to be on time – they wanted to reward the natural hares. Student Council President Tatiana Wolfe and Student Council moderator Ms. Rosa Lopez met with Principal Mrs. Melissa Valadez and Dean of Students Ms. Natasha Lopez to discuss different approaches to acknowledge this good habit. What they come up with involved lunch time and the three different houses that students belong to: the House of Joseph, the House of Mary and the House of Marcellin. The House of Joseph consists of 7th and 10th graders, the House of Mary consists of 9th and 12th and the House of Marcellin consists of 8th and 11th graders.

For the past two years, students have been eating their lunch in the middle division gym which is a far cry from the more al fresco lunch that many had grown accustomed to. However, due to a shortage of supervision, school administrators found it challenging to monitor students that ate in the courtyard forcing them to take their lunch inside. As of late, students had begun to voice their opinions and began inquiring if eating in the courtyard would ever be a privilege again. And so the school’s first secret house challenge was conceptualized.

The idea was to reward students for always being on time by allowing that privilege that so many students missed. The school year began and little did the students know that their natural-born habits could very well lead to a pleasant surprise. On Monday morning it was announced that the House of Joseph had won the house challenge and were given the opportunity to eat lunch in the courtyard today. Congratulations House of Joseph! 

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