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Photo Credit: Jose Fernandez

The New Teacher In Town

October 30, 2017, 10:58 am
Jose Tomas Marin-Lee
Hound Collar Staff

St. Joseph Academy has dedicated teachers, and Mr. Savarese is no exception. Mr. Savarese, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a new addition to the faculty here at the academy. He attended Notre Dame University where he was assigned by its ACE Program (Alliance of Catholic Education) to instruct for two years at SJA.

Mr. Savarese has only been at our school for two months, but he is already loving his new home. As a new Marist educator, he recently joined his colleagues at a Marist gathering for a time of prayer. From this experience he has become more familiar with the Marist principles, and believes that they are “Saint Joe’s fundamental aspect.” He has concluded that SJA is very special. He said, “The best thing about Saint Joe is its community. There is a sense of spirit here where all of the individuals are kind, nice, and full of graciousness. In addition, all of the teachers and students have welcomed and guided me into this journey.”

This year, he is teaching three English 10 courses and two Honors English 10 courses. Aside from this, he is the moderator for Civics Youth, Model UN, and is the assistant coach for the SJA golf team. Mr. Savarese plans for his students to follow ACE’s purpose,“achieve heaven and to go to college.” He also intends to enrich his students academically, spiritually, and within their community. He hopes that at the end of the year, those qualities and skills will be continued by his students in the future.

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