Hound Collar · #Giving Tuesday: 24 Hours That Made a Difference

Donor Coloring Board Photo Credit: Nahomi Casas, SJA Class of 2021

#Giving Tuesday: 24 Hours That Made a Difference

December 5, 2017, 11:18 am
Hound Collar Staff

Joining the national day of giving, #GivingTuesday, Saint Joseph Academy (SJA) and Guadalupe Regional Middle School (GRMS) took part to raise money for both schools on Tuesday, Nov. 28.

The schools had 24 hours to raise money from alumni, current students, sponsors, and others interested in contributing to both schools. This year, $57,000 was donated, surpassing the set goal of $50,000. The money collected will be used for students in need of tuition assistance. This year’s theme for the Giving Tuesday event was #GetInTheGame to invite others to “get in the game” of giving and to help students receive an opportunity for a Catholic education. Multiple donors stepped up and pledged to match funds for a combined total of $18,000. Another goal was to have 100 donors, which was exceeded with 401 donors. To donate, the donors could go to the Giving Tuesday website, pay over the phone, or give in person. Certain members decided to make fundraisers on their own to gather even more money by spreading the word to family and friends.

In appreciation for donations, those who donated at SJA's campus were invited to stay and enjoy either breakfast or lunch depending on what time he or she made their contribution. If students from either SJA or GRMS donated at least $5, they were invited to a bolis (frozen treat) party in the SJA courtyard after school. In the evening, there was a tailgate party for the adult donors in the Administration Parking Lot from 6-9 p.m. so they could network and socialize.

A parent donor, Mrs. Krista Rendon, said, “ ...my kids are third generation. My husband went to St. Joe, and his father went to St. Joe as well. My son Jagger Rendon graduated in 2013 and my little ones [kids] will attend Saint Joseph Academy one day as well.” The money received will help SJA and GRMS grow and give more students a chance to be part of the school family.