Hound Collar · Check-Mate

Chess club member Andres Marin makes a move as part of his offensive strategy against coach Sergio Lopez. Photo Credit: Jose Tomas Marin-Lee


January 23, 2018, 10:56 am
Jose Tomas Marin-Lee, SJA Class of 2021

As a new Bloodhound, seventh grader Andres Marin wanted to continue playing chess at Saint Joseph Academy (SJA). He learned to play this game in sixth grade and contacted president Mr. Michael Motyl in the hopes of establishing a new chess club. As a result, the chess club was officially founded in November 2017 and is being led by coach Sergio Lopez.

There are six chess club members from grade levels seven through twelve at this time. Coach Sergio Lopez said, “Chess is an important skill that teaches you different ways to think. When your plan or strategy may not work out, you may have to change its course to make it work in your favor.” Chess is a game of strategic skill between two players. By using any of the 16 pieces on the board, a player’s objective is to checkmate the opposing king or make it impossible for it to escape from attack.  

The chess club welcomes new SJA members including beginners, competitive players, or anyone that is interested in playing chess. Practices are from 3:30-5 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday in middle division room MD140. The fee is $40 per month or $5 per class. For any more questions, please contact coach Sergio Lopez at: sergio.l.lopez@outlook.com.