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Brother Francis Garza at Senior Prom in April 1958 Photo Credit: unknown

The Scoop: Brother Francis Garza

February 1, 2018, 10:48 am
Victoria Stevens SJA Class of 2021

Brother Francis Garza has been a student, alumnus, principal, and teacher at Saint Joseph Academy (SJA). He enrolled at SJA as a sophomore and graduated in 1958. In spite of how long he has been here, Garza has not stopped helping the SJA community. The Marist Brothers influenced his future and still do so today.

He was inspired by the Brothers to become a teacher because he was always surrounded by them. Garza has been at Saint Joseph for 51 years. He began teaching in 1963 and was asked to come back to SJA to teach in 1967. He began by teaching chemistry, religion, and math. In 1971, he was asked to become the principal and kept the title for 10 years.

Garza is currently involved in the school community. He takes the time to make the morning and afternoon prayers in the summer, helps out in the Middle Division library, supervises the cafeteria, and teaches religion to seniors and math to grade 7. He says that it’s “challenging” to be a Brother and a teacher at the same time, but the main role of the Brothers is to teach and work with the youth.

With numerous years of being a member of the SJA community, Brother Francis Garza has shared the values of being a Marist advocate. “Being Marist is being available to the students and to the needs of the Diocese,” Garza said. Most recently, he helped chaperone the annual grade 8 lock-in. Today he continues to serve the community and possibly influences others to be like him as the Brothers did for him.

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