Hound Collar · Science Laboratories: On the Verge of Completion

The biology and chemistry labs under construction beneath room 21. Photo Credit: Anapaola Garcia

Science Laboratories: On the Verge of Completion

February 6, 2018, 11:32 am
Anapaola Garcia SJA Class of ‘21

After five years of raising money for the science laboratories, Saint Joseph Academy (SJA) is now closer than ever to finishing them. The construction noises students may be hearing during the day are the science laboratories being finished. The new chemistry and biology labs will be located under rooms 21 and 22.

Mrs. Gracie Touchy, high school biology teacher and Science Department Chair said, “We've been using the old science facilities for too many years...using the old labs kind of inhibited science from going on because the facilities were not working properly and so teachers couldn't do what they wanted to do.” The labs will contain advanced materials and equipment for the students to work with. Mr. Abrego, the high school chemistry teacher, said that the new materials and equipment will definitely create a “large push towards science.”

The whole science department is “very appreciative of the support,” said  Mrs. Gracie Touchy. Mr. Motyl is optimistic that the labs will be done by “sometime in March.”