Hound Collar · Coach Najera Takes Charge

Mr. Najera coaching his players about the basics of baseball Photo Credit: Arturo Trevino, Class of 2018

Coach Najera Takes Charge

February 7, 2018, 11:00 am
Tim Ayala, Class of 2018

Over the past four years, the Saint Joseph Academy (SJA) baseball team has had three different head coaches. But now, Steven Najera has taken charge of the team.

Mr. Najera is also the Social Justice teacher and teaches a “Literary Study of the Rings” class based on the book, “Lord of the Rings”. He led the team last year with a 6-11 record. About being a coach, Mr. Najera said, “What I love the most about the baseball team is the dedication of the students that go out every day. Some kids have never played baseball in their lives, so I really admire the courage of the students that go out and play a sport they haven’t played before.” He said one of the main reasons he applied for the Baseball head coach job is because he played college baseball and he wants to pass on all the things he has learned to the players on his team. Coach Najera said, “The biggest draw from my college experience to coaching high school is the way you go about practices and big games. You have to have a mental focus on the game and know what role you play. But the most important thing I tell my players is to have fun on the field.”  

Sophomore Senad Dervisevic (3B) wishes that Coach Najera will stay as the head coach for baseball when he becomes a senior. Senad said, “The thing that I love about Mr. Najera is that he is very knowledgeable about baseball and is very helpful to me and the rest of my teammates." Coach Najera hopes that he will be the head coach for baseball when his son, Rex Najera, who is currently in second grade, is old enough to attend SJA.

There will also be a Junior Varsity baseball team this year. Coach Najera encourages everyone to come out and play. Practices are held on the baseball field from 4-6 p.m.