Hound Collar · SJA Honors All Grandparents

Grandparents attending listen during Wednesday’s Mass Photo Credit: Christie Gonzalez, Director of Communications

SJA Honors All Grandparents

February 8, 2018, 8:39 am
Allan Samano, SJA Class of 2021

Saint Joseph Academy (SJA) honored all grandparents during a special Mass on Wednesday, Jan. 31 in the Brother Francis Garza Student Center. It was a school mass that took place at 9:15 am, and all grandparents were invited to attend. Father Anthony O’ Connor, S.M., celebrated the Mass.

The school tradition of celebrating grandparents has been active for around 15 years. Although National Grandparents Day takes place the first Sunday in Sept. after Labor Day, SJA honors them every year during Catholic Schools Week with a school Mass.  Throughout the Mass, grandparents attending were able to sit in a reserved section in the middle of the student center. During intentions, Paulina Madaria led everyone in praying for all the grandparents present and not present. At the end of Mass, the grandparents formed two lines, and were able to walk up to Father O’Connor, each individually receiving a blessing. Lastly, when Saint Joseph Academy President Michael Motyl spoke after the mass, he talked about their major role in shaping the lives of the students and reminded the student body to be thankful for their grandparents.

After the Mass, all SJA students who had their grandparents present were invited to accompany them to the Middle Division Gym. At the gym, a light breakfast was held for the grandparents. Food included were fruit, pan dulce, donuts, and juice, which were available for them to enjoy. SJA students were allowed to stay at the gym and enjoy the company of their grandparents for a short while. The excitement was evident to the students when speaking about the grandparents. Seventh-grader Andres Marin-Lee said, “The celebration is special because I remember my grandparents, as they take care of me, and they love me. We come together as a family to reunite.” Another student, freshman Patricio Rodriguez, said, “It’s a time to celebrate with my grandparents how much they nourish and love me. I get to connect them with my school community.” Mrs. Raquel Lastra, the grandparent of freshman Fernando Lastra, shared her feelings about the celebration. She said, “It is nice to be there, with my grandson, and that he knows I am there because I care about him and I love him. It is something I really enjoy, and I really love it.” The SJA community came together not only to celebrate the liturgy, but to honor the value of grandparents, and their role in our school community.