Hound Collar · The Scoop: Mr. James Rowles

Mr. James Rowles teaching a lesson for his U.S. History class. Photo Credit: Jose Tomas Marin-Lee

The Scoop: Mr. James Rowles

February 20, 2018, 1:52 pm
Jose Tomas Marin-Lee, SJA Class of 2021

Saint Joseph Academy (SJA) has recently had a new addition to the faculty here at our school. Mr. James Rowles, from Brownsville, Texas, attended the University of Texas at Brownsville, and also works for News Center 23 as a master control operator.         

This year, he is currently teaching “his passion” for U.S. History and World Geography to junior and freshmen students. For him, teaching history is very important since it has had a tremendous impact in the world. He said, “Unfortunately, everything happens in cycles, especially in history. Those who forget their history are condemned to repeat history.”

Besides teaching, Mr. Rowles also finds time to volunteer as a judge at Brownsville Independent School District’s history fairs, collects coins, and is both an amateur artist and fiction short story writer. He hopes that his students “will be humbled by the truth to be aware that nothing is necessarily new.” 

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