Social Studies

Social Studies Department Outcomes

As a result of the required course of study in Social Studies, students will:

  1. Analyze the influences of history, economics, geography, and culture on current and future human events.
  2. Critically evaluate the arguments of primary- and secondary-source authors in the social studies literature.
  3. Accurately interpret data represented in maps, schedules, curves, graphs, and charts.
  4. Conduct and report historical and other social-studies research, correctly utilizing methods appropriate to the discipline.
  5. Intelligently and logically communicate ideas relevant to social studies using various media including discussion, debate, dialogue, and written presentations.


Jennifer Bald, Chair
United States History 8      World History

Leticia Davila
Texas History      Government

Jeff Gowen
Economics   AP Economics   AP United States History

Kevin Hickson, Chair 
American Cultures     World History    Honors World History 

Brian Jerger
World Geography, Honors World Geography

Gabriel Orlet
US History

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